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Come and enjoy a tea or coffee during the breakfast morning rounds to be held Friday 12 and Sunday 14 April 2019, between 07:30-08:20.

With 4 breakfast morning rounds per day, you will have no problem finding a case that will interest you.

EASL has invited KOLs to attend with their junior peers to present a case and replicate activities that take place at morning hospital rounds.

A panel of 3 experts is invited to interact and provide an external view to each case which will undoubtedly animate the discussions.

No pre-registration is required. Free sessions open to all.

Differential diagnosis of hyperferritinemia in patients with liver disease Chair: Heinz Zoller

Case presentation: André Viveiros

Experts: Edouard Bardou-Jacquet, Uta Merle, John Ryan
Hepatitis Delta: how to manage? Are new therapies on the horizon? Chair: Cihan Yurdaydin

Case presentation: Onur Keskin

Experts: Katja Deterding, Grazia Niro,TBC
HCC therapy: when to use locoregional or systemic therapy and when to switch? Chair: Arndt Vogel

Case presentation: TBC

Experts: Tim Meyer, Lorenza Rimassa, TBC
Immune mediated hepatitis related to the new oncological therapies Chair: Didier Samuel

Case presentation: Eleonora de Martin

Experts: Raul J. Andrade, Maria-Carlota Londoño, TBC

Hepatitis B: when to start and when to stop Nuc therapy in HBeAg negative patients? Chair: Maurizia Brunetto

Case presentation: Gabriele Ricco

Experts: Sabela Lens, Florian van Bömmel, Spilios Manolakopoulos
PSC: how is the surveillance? when do we need interventions (ERC), when and how to use UDC? When to consider liver transplantation? Chair: Annika M Bergquist

Case presentation: Erik von Seth

Experts: Cyriel Ponsioen, Christoph Schramm, TBC
Extrahepatic manifestation of HCV: response to DAA and when to use immunosuppression? Chair: TBC

Case presentation: TBC

Experts: Benjamin Maasoumy, Michael Makara, Anna Linda Zignego
Cirrhosis and Portal hypertension: when TIPS, when and how Betablocker (propanolol or carvedilol?) and how to monitor? Chair: Dhiraj Tripathi

Case presentation: Faisal Khan

Experts: Virginia Hernandez-Gea, Peter Jepsen & Mattias Mandorfer